Why Your Business Needs To Be Social Savvy



Social Media Was Huge in 2012

Facebook reached 1 billion users

Pinterest was the fastest site to hit the 10 million visitor mark

Instagram now has over 100 million users

Every minute of each day in 2012:

100,000 Tweets were sent

684,478 posts were shared on Facebook

2 million searches were made on Google

48 hours of video were uploaded on YouTube

Why Social Media Is Important For YOUR Business:

70% of adult social networkers shop online

There are more than 2.27 billion people online

53% of active adult social networkers follow a brand

What Do Social Networkers Want From Companies?

83% Deals and Promotions

70% Reward Programs

58% Exclusive Content

55% Feedback on new products

Future predictions?

More than half the revenue spent online will be influenced by the Internet

“We will no longer search for products and services …they will find us via social media”

Erik Qualman, author of Socialnomics

How Does All Of This Affect Your Business?

Don’t think for one minute that YOUR customers won’t be included in those statistics. The Internet is not the future. It is happening now and it won’t go away. You need to be on board right now.



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