Creative Mind Mapping: An Artful Way to Organise Ideas


So you’ve learned all about mind mapping, and how it can make taking notes and brainstorming all the more enjoyable and less overwhelming. There are countless ways to utilise and create this visual diagram—mainly because there are countless ideas out there, including yours! There is an infinite supply of unique and innovative ideas that are waiting to be documented, planned and executed, and what better way to organise these thoughts than by using creative mind mapping techniques to make it more fun!

Get Scheming—with Colour!

Colours play a huge part in making mind maps all the more comprehensive and visually dynamic—different hues make different branches so much more identifiable to each other and helps in memory retention. Use different inks or crayons, even paint for your subtopics and categories!

Helpful Hint: If you’re using mind maps for a product brainstorming session, try referencing colour emotions! For example, green is associated with health and growth, red for excitement and a bold attitude, and blue for trust and dependability—use these colour emotions for your product mind map and notice how you connect these shades into the data!

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

…and quite literally with mind maps! Notice that most examples of creative mind mapping has loads and loads of great photos, images, and sometimes, even rough sketches and drawings—because we associate a lot of ideas and concepts, even whole sentences and paragraphs with these graphic cues. They serve as “memory triggers,” and they will be of great help in memorisation and making your mind map look visually inviting and stimulating—perfect for grabbing and maintaining the attention of your audience when you use your mind maps for presentations and reports!

Get the Right Mind Mapping Software That is As Creative As You!

Practising creative mind mapping need not be limited to just using pen and paper, or whiteboards and poster boards—go digital, and get the best mind mapping software to match your style, and match the simplicity of mind maps!

MindGenius is the leading mind mapping software, providing simple yet powerful productivity solutions for your problem-solving, documentation and progress evaluation needs. With MindGenius, you get to easily create mind maps for your brainstorming and everyday organisational requirements, with the easy-to-use interface and type and return feature, tracking down your project tasks will be a breeze. Plus, you can get as artistic and as visual as you want—add images, use a full range of colours, and then integrate them to your MS Office applications for easy exports and no data repetition!

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