Mind Mapping Exercises For Project Recruitment and Team Management


Building and managing a team at work is much like building and managing a team in sports: you have to make sure that your players meet your minimum skills standards, and that they are aware of what position they have, and what that position entails them to do. As a leader, you also have to make sure that the entire group is working harmoniously like a well-oiled machine, and know what job to give to every single one of your members, when you need to give it to them, all the while keeping tabs on what is going on as a whole, as the game progresses. As with, say a basketball game, or a football match, the main goal in business is always to conquer the competition. And with a few simple but effective mind mapping exercises, you can make the entire process—from project team recruitment to management—a sure-win.

Mind Mapping Exercises for the Recruitment Process.

One important thing when building a team for any project is to have a clear cut view of what each and every single person is supposed to contribute, in order to maximise your time and productivity. It also allows you to properly screen potential members, and ensure that you are getting the right people for the right kind of job.

Making a mind map with your project as the central idea is a great way to start breaking down each and every cog in the machine into specific parts, so you can distinctly identify what skills you need, and which applicant is qualified for it. Branch out into those particular team members, Take note of the educational, time, and skill requirements as sub topics and sub branches under those job titles, and in no time at all, you will have a crystal clear break down of your team’s manpower requisites.

You can also break each subcategory further, and put your recruitment notes and details, such as your questions for when you do your interviews, documents that you will have to ask for, even notes on each and every applicant that you screen throughout the recruitment process.


Using a mind mapping software such as MindGenius, is a great way to make such mind maps for your office. With its easy to use interface, and its remarkable features such as Type and Return, you can always create a professional mind map that you can review and revise in real time, without disturbing the progress of your recruitment process. You can even link or add documents, photos, set appointments and deadlines, and monitor your timetable with ease, making it effortless for you to build that dream team for your biggest project yet.

Mind Mapping Exercises for Team Management

Now that you have assembled the best team your company has ever seen, it’s time to get work done. As a team leader, it’s your responsibility to keep track of your members’ progress throughout the project, keep timelines accurate and reasonable, make sure that everyone is on top of the game, tasks are done, deadlines are met, and clients are satisfied.


You can actually use the same mind map that you have created with MindGenius, and modify it to show your team’s time table, everyone’s tasks and assignments, and continue to revise it as you go along your project. With its amazing integration with Microsoft Office, you can easily export your mind maps to word for printing and reports, Powerpoint, for when you present your progress to your colleagues and higher ups, and even Outlook to disseminate information via email. Features like these make it a whole lot easier to use mind maps, and get everyone to use it as well. Its innovative Gantt view also gives your a comprehensive overall picture of your timetable and work progress, ideal for team meetings and progress reports.

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Not before long, you will notice a significantly higher productivity and remarkably lower in-office stress, confusion, and information overload. You will surely want to use these mind mapping exercises for each and every project you handle.

You may download your free 30-day trial now to enjoy the full features of this revolutionary mind mapping software for a month. Join MindGenius’ 500,000-strong clientele, and reap the benefits of increased productivity and stress-free project management, only with MindGenius.


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