Mind Mapping Exercises To Show Your Value At Work


In today’s work environment, especially if your line of work is results-driven, you can only be as good as what the higher ups see on your report, and what they see when you present them with your latest marketing proposal, or your inputs during that last brainstorming session. Using mind mapping exercises in the office to encapsulate your ideas and show them in a graphic and highly comprehensive manner will not only increase your productivity and save you time and effort in organising your data, it will also serve as an attractive visual representation of what you can do, and what you can do very well, to your bosses and colleagues.

If you are in an industry where competition is high and your career depends on how amazingly your perform, one way to step up and set yourself apart from the others is how well you use your productivity tools to enhance your performance at work and go beyond your job description. Mind mapping is a simple, efficient, and effective method of capturing, recording, as well as reporting data with maximum recall and assimilation, that you can use for almost any aspect of your work.

Setting Your Team’s Timetable. Organise all of your members’ tasks, progress report dues, and expected dates of accomplishment for every assignment for every client or projects using mind maps. This way, you can clear determine each and every one’s delegated work, and immediately know if there is anything amiss with the activities, and effectively monitor and ensure that you are always ahead of the clock.

You can also do this for your personal timeline in the office. Plan your weekly goals and targets for your project (or for all accounts if your are handling multiple clients) to avoid missing out on important appointments and meetings, and make sure that you always turn in your work on time.

Use Mind Maps For Meetings and Brainstorming Sessions. Note taking can get downright confusing if you have to capture everything that is going on when you’re in a meeting, especially when discussing new projects that need everyone’s opinion and input. Using mind maps to record crucial information is not only easier and less stressful, you also won’t end up with pages and pages of jumbled paragraphs and random scribbles and notes, that would most likely make so little sense, that you will have to discard them after all the effort to write them down.

For more tips on how to use mind mapping for note taking in meetings, read this article .

Mind maps are also perfect for reports and presentations. Because of its highly graphical nature and easily comprehensive structure, you can effortlessly carry your point across, and hold the attention of everyone listening and watching. Remember: people respond better when your presentation is engaging and attractive, and not boring and tedious to look at and digest.

Mind mapping software is now available to make mind mapping exercises and activities all the more convenient for office, school, or even home use. MindGenius is a powerful and easy to use mind mapping program that not only produces great looking and effective mind maps, it also makes presenting them effortless with its built-in integration with Microsoft Office. Using Powerpoint to present your report, or Word to print it out and include in your weekly log, or Outlook to disseminate your work to your team, is literally as easy as clicking a couple of buttons, without having to re-enter data.

With mind maps, you can effectively increase your work progress, prevent information overload and ensure an organised timeline—and when everybody sees how efficient your are with your mind mapping exercises, you may very well start a trend in your team (or even your entire office) with how well you perform and stand out from the rest of the brood.


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