How to Assign Actions to Branches…


What are Actions?

Actions (or Tasks) are a set of properties that help you track and manage the things you need to do.

Where will I find this function?

Actions / Tasks are set and managed via the “Task Schedule” and “Action Misc” command groups on the Tasks ribbon.


How do I apply Actions / Tasks?

  • Switch to the Tasks Ribbon
  • Select the Branch you wish to assign an Action to
  • Set Action / Task properties by selecting or entering values using the ribbon controls
  • Actions / Tasks can be given Start, Due or End dates
  • Priority ratings can also be applied to any Action
  • Ongoing Status of Actions/Tasks can be applied to monitor and manage progress to completion
  • Use of the Filter enables pro-active management of Actions/Tasks

Icon denotes if a Branch has Dates properties

Icon indicates status: Not Started

Icon indicates status: In Progress

Icon indicates status: Complete

Icon indicates Branch/Task linked to MS Outlook as an MS Outlook Task

What are the benefits of using the Action/Task Function?

  • Allows you to assign timescales
  • Enables tracking of Actions / Tasks
  • Improves task management capabilities
  • Allows you to set deadlines
  • Provides filtering capabilities
  • Visually engaging and collaborative

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