MindGenius: the Best Mind Mapping Software for Your Business!


Since its birth in the 1970’s, mind mapping has, time and time again, proven its effectiveness in increasing recall, reducing redundancy and stress in executing tasks and taking down important information, as well as monitoring progress and details on projects and work loads. Mind mapping software has become quite the necessity for teams and companies taking advantage of this amazingly simple brainstorming and organisational tool, and getting the best one for your business is essential in maximising the benefits and advantages of mind mapping for your employees, clients, and overall development.

MindGenius: Mind Mapping Made Simple, Yet Powerful

MindGenius is your number one choice in mind mapping software, designed specifically to increase your company’s productivity rates, whether you’re in a small-scale business with ten employees, or a team leader with hundreds of manpower in a large conglomerate.

Having been at the forefront of providing superior mind mapping software for more than ten years, MindGenius was developed to further simplify the use of mind maps in a digital format, and create an effective platform to capture, visualise, and use gathered information within your business. This software is perfect for taking down minutes and notes in meetings, creating a visually rich and engaging presentation, documenting new ideas during brainstorming, breaking down tasks and delegation of work in a team—the possibilities are endless.

What’s more, MindGenius is specially engineered to work in harmony with your office tools and needs. Its unique Type and Return feature allows your to capture information in real time, efficiently and unobtrusively, as well as track down information and place updates and revisions to your mind maps with ease. The Map Explorer lets your navigate through your mind map, from the largest topics to the most minuscule of details, with the click of a mouse. And with its tight integration with MS Office applications, you can share, distribute, and sync your mind maps throughout your team without repetition of data entry.

Mind mapping at work has never been more effective and simple! Join MindGenius’ 600,00-strong satisfied clientele and experience an amazing increase in your productivity. Download your 30-day trial now!


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