MindGenius German Now Released


MindGenius Ltd are delighted to announce the release of the German version of its leading mind mapping software, in conjunction with Haage and Partner, their German reseller.

MindGenius German is functionally exactly the same as the English language version, and includes a wide variety of German language templates for business and education to help get users started quickly with MindGenius.

MindGenius can be used to brainstorm for innovation, and generating new ideas, plan strategies, projects, events, tasks and workload, rapidly gather project requirements and risks, and capture the conversation and actions during meetings.

Derek Jack, Director of MindGenius said:

“MindGenius is the leading choice for business mind mapping, having been designed specifically to use the mind mapping technique for business purposes and I look forward to users in Germany having access to MindGenius in their native language.”


Markus from Haage and Partner said:

“We are delighted that the German version of MindGenius could be released in January 2014. The last few months we have worked hard on the translation of the extensive software and the many templates that come with the package. MindGenius is a great tool for Business planning and Education and combines very well with our other products for business and IT professionals.”

Find out more about new features and functionality, or download a free 30 day trial now from www.mindgenius.de


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