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Sabrina Johnson

For the past seven years, I pursued a career in recruiting in Las Vegas, NV at Capital One. Although my career was going pretty well, I felt like something was missing both in my job and in my personal life. Professionally, I wanted a new opportunity that would better leverage my passion for building relationships with clients. Personally, my elderly parents were battling health concerns back in my hometown of San Diego, CA and I wanted to be there for them. And most importantly, as a single mother, I was dedicated to raising my 3-year-old daughter in a city that offered her more opportunity and positive family influence than Las Vegas.

When I was ready to start my job search a few months ago, I knew exactly where to turn first: LinkedIn. I got my job with Capital One through LinkedIn back in 2012, so I believed wholeheartedly I could use it once again to change my life.

Within five minutes of updating my LinkedIn Profile, I was contacted by a connection who worked at Robert Half Technology (RHT). Soon I was interviewing for a role at RHT with the The Creative Group based near San Diego (my dream location), for a position where I knew my strengths would shine. During these interviews another recruiter also contacted me, just 24 hours after updating my profile. It was fantastic to have options, all stemming from a simple LinkedIn Profile update.

I gave myself a deadline of April 2014 to move to San Diego. As luck would have it, I accepted an offer with The Creative Group at RHT and started my new career journey on April 1. Not only was I able to achieve my goal of moving home, but LinkedIn provided me a doorway to a dream job with increased income and full benefits – huge wins for a single mom! This was my second experience with LinkedIn where my connections helped me secure a life-changing career opportunity and increase my earning potential. LinkedIn has helped transform my life, and my daughter’s too. Needless to say, I am a believer!

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