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There are days when you’re on an amazing roll and getting things done right on after the other. And on some other days, you feel like absolutely nothing is going your way. Long hours, missed deadlines, tension at work, and physical and mental exhaustion—sometimes, it could feel like the universe is conspiring to bring you down, and bring you down looking like a frog in the red carpet. Nevertheless, those times can be remedied with just a little bit of positive thinking.

Count your blessings. Ah, yes, this is quite arguably the mother of all clichés. But remember, it won’t become one if people didn’t use and overuse it.

Whether you do it mentally, or by writing it down on a piece of paper, or typing it down, recalling all the good things that did happen to you at work: getting that new account, receiving a thankful email from a client that you helped out, meeting your target revenue last month—no matter how big or small the victory, celebrate it and commemorate it! It helps to see what you’ve done right, in order to determine what needs to be done to achieve that success again.

Smile! While most people would argue that smiling is the effect of happiness, and not the other way around, turning up the corners is actually proven to reduce stress and stimulate positive thinking. When things don’t go so well with work, sit back, breathe deeply, and try to manage a Duchenne smile—or “smiling with the eyes.” The effort alone will give you that much-needed brain “reset” and help you get a fresh perspective on things.

Spread it like a disease! Just as stress and tension can turn an entire office upside down, so can positive thinking. Now that you’ve internally washed off some of the stress, you can start pepping up the team and steering everyone towards a more relaxed and optimistic vibe. Crack a funny (and appropriate) joke to ease the sparks flying around. Give a disheartened colleague a quick shake in the shoulders and a “You can do it!” thumbs up. Get the coffee dripping and perk everyone up with a quick motivational talk. Small things like these work wonders in upping the morale of the team. Before you know it, your own sunny disposition is all over the building and everyone—including you—is more productive and efficient than ever.


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