Fitness and Life Balance for a Productive Work Environment


Even the most reliable of machines needs a regular dose of oil to make sure that everything runs perfectly. In today’s work environment, a great team leader or manager knows and understands that consistently good results doesn’t just come from cracking the whip within the confines of the office walls. Making sure that each and every single employee is on top of the game—within and beyond work hours—also involves ensuring that their fitness and life balance always make the list of priorities.
Keeping good hours

Let’s face it—not all offices has a standard 9 am to 5 pm time scheme, especially if the nature of the job requires long hours and irregular deadlines. Some companies even have employees in varying time zones.

Balancing consistent hours may be one of the most difficult things to juggle, and even more so if there’s a ton of work that needs to be done. Nevertheless, making sure that everyone gets enough time off of work, even when the clients are breathing down your necks, is essential to keep everyone in high fighting spirits and prevent fatigue and frustration. It may sound counter-productive to set aside even the most urgent of business, but it will be worth it if you won’t have to send anyone to the hospital due to exhaustion, or have to hire someone to replace a burned out team member.

Encourage Physical Activity

One of the biggest mistakes that a manager can commit is to not pay attention to the team members’ fitness and life balance, especially when it comes to health and exercise. Low energy at work means low productivity, and low productivity means dismal results and dismayed clients.

You don’t have to organise an entire fitness programme for your employees to be encouraged to adopt healthy living habits (but if you have the time and resources, why ever the heck not?). Larger companies make it a point to acquire partnerships with local gyms and fitness clubs so employees can get substantial discounts for memberships and classes; some even go as far as building small gyms inside their buildings. For smaller scale businesses, something as simple as scheduling a team building session involving physical activity goes a long way in fostering camaraderie amongst the people and inspires them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Keeping track of each team member’s well-being may seem tedious—who wants additional work on top of everything else, correct? But be that as it may, fostering healthy habits among colleagues, and a work environment that encourages the improvement and maintenance of one’s fitness and life balance will not only positively affect your employees’ bodies and minds, but also create a huge impact in your staff’s performance and productivity.


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