Maps are going Google: Six ways maps are transforming the way we work


Family road trips have changed a lot in the last few decades. Remember when we were kids and the drive to Disneyland required four printed maps? When we whined and asked “Are we there yet?” our parents had to unfold a mess of paper maps and estimate the distance in knuckles.

Things are different now. Thanks to smartphones and connected cars, drivers know exactly how long it takes to get where they need to go. No map-unfolding required. But for organizations, it’s no longer just about getting from point A to point B. Mapping technology can solve problems across scenarios at work, from sales planning to emergency management. The next transformation of business is here — and maps is a big reason why.

According to Boston Consulting Group, geospatial services generated $ 1.6 trillion in revenue for U.S. businesses in 2011, and saved them another $ 1.4 trillion. Yet, the same research shows that 95% of businesses still aren’t realizing the broad benefits of maps. That’s both the challenge and the staggering potential: most leaders don’t understand all that location information can do for their operations and revenue.

By combining multiple types of data in one clear picture, organizations can use mapping technology to:

  1. Prepare, respond and recover in any situation. Create a common operating picture, and respond to circumstances more quickly and efficiently.
  2. Decide with instant insights. Make savvy decisions with data you can see, and stay a step ahead of changes.
  3. Inform stakeholders quickly and reliably. Transparency = loyalty. Share information that matters with customers and citizens.
  4. Drive acquisition, from online to offline. The world’s gone digital, but many brands still want to inspire purchases in-store. Create a seamless buying experience from on-to-offline.
  5. Coordinate mobile teams, wherever they are. Business starts, and ends, with people. Better coordinate your teams, no matter where they are.
  6. Monitor assets, anytime, anywhere. Get your assets in gear: Know their location and status at all times.

Over the next few months, we’re going to share stories from six business leaders who are embracing maps. They’ll tell us how turning to cloud-based mapping technology is driving impressive results, including reducing operating costs, dramatically increasing revenue, driving an uptick in collaboration, and helping them better understand business insights.

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