Facebook Takes Social Media Marketing to the Next Level with Business Manager


Social media colossus Facebook recently launched what seems to be the ultimate marketing and campaigns manager to streamline work flows for business owners, advertisers, and agencies: Business Manager.

Previously tested on a few select companies before its official release, Business Manager allows its users to organise their Facebook campaigns, pages, and ads, and assign tasks and management roles for team members, as well as agencies outside of the company, all in one convenient and easy to use platform.

Aiming to provide clarity and control to Business Administrators, this tool also provides a secure venue for company leaders to give as much or as little access to each and every person given a specific role and freedom to ‘roam’ the features and functions. Agencies are given assurance that their content will be safely shared amongst people who have the permission to view them, and admins can easily add, remove, and change the roles of the team members in any account. You can also create new Facebook Ad accounts at the simple click of a button.

Business manager also boasts a more organised interface, even with multiple ad and page accounts. And with a more streamlined work flow, you are assured of complete separation between your personal Facebook account and Business Manager. You only have to log in using your personal Facebook user name and password, but your information, personal posts, and your timeline activities and interactions with Facebook friends are not accessible to the other people who have access to your Business Manager tool. And it goes both ways: you won’t have to add your co-workers and external agencies and advertisers on Facebook to be able to add them and give them roles—you don’t even need their personal emails—all you need is their work email, and you’re good to go. You can easily switch from one account to another, and update admin roles and permissions without compromising the progress of any of the ads or campaigns.

Though most speculate that making Business Manager available to all businesses is an attempt to exile Preferred Marketing Developers, Facebook answered back by emphasising PMDs’ API access, allowing them to customise and work on the tool.

If you’re interested in using this latest productivity business tool from the biggest social media platform in the world, go to https://business.facebook.com/ for more information. For larger companies, you may contact your Facebook sales representative, or leave your email address on the site so one can be assigned to you.


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