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Editor’s note: Today’s guest post is from Jeff Trom, CTO at Webfilings, a Software-as-a-Service provider that develops cloud-based solutions for business reporting.

At Webfilings, we’re reinventing complex business reporting. Wdesk, our flagship product, is an enterprise solution that is transforming how companies manage and report complex business data. It’s a collective workspace for teams to come together to build documents and reports without having to go to IT for assistance. Using Wdesk, financial teams have quickly become accustomed to how the cloud has simplified collaboration, provided global accessibility and eliminated the replication of data and documents.

What started as an idea to automate SEC reporting has now grown to a robust offering that supports more than 60% of the Fortune 500 in just 4 years since launch. We’ve been able to build a great company and culture where rapid innovation and best-in-class customer service are key.

We rely on Google Cloud Platform to make a formerly onerous process seem easy. Cloud Platform replicates our terabytes of data across multiple datacenters seamlessly and allows our developers to focus on innovation, not infrastructure. We deploy updates daily and leverage Google App Engine’s ability to simultaneously serve traffic from multiple versions to test new features with a few customers before releasing them to everyone. This helps ensure that our customers have the best experience possible each time they log in to Wdesk. Check out the video below to learn more about how we’re using Cloud Platform.

In our product space, the data-in-motion architecture we’ve chosen is what sets us apart. It requires:

  1. Dynamically scalable application servers to handle variable traffic patterns
  2. Replicated storage that’s scalable and provides reliable performance under load
  3. Enterprise-grade reliability to ensure 24 x 7 access for our customers

We love learning about how our customers innovate with Wdesk inside their own companies, and are constantly impressed by the solutions they produce. The possibilities seem endless.

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