Mind Mapping Video: Niall Strickland’s MindGenius Story


These days, we are all constantly looking for that one tool that ultimately helps us capture, visualise, understand, and recall information in a simple, precise, and portable way; after all, we live in a world where you can now access anything in the web, get all the information that you want not just in books, but also your mobile phone or tablet, and record everything with a touch of a button. Things can get very overwhelming because of the onslaught of data now made available to us anywhere in the world, and it can lead to nothing if our ideas fall into obscurity and into the deep abyss of our minds. Niall Strickland, a business entrepreneur and published author, shows us how he managed to overcome information overload, stress, confusion, and frustration in his business and his everyday life, in this mind mapping video.

Niall talks about MindGenius 5, the leading mind mapping software, and how he has utilised, and is still utilising, its unique and ultra user-friendly features to make sure that he’s got all the key business areas covered in his company.

He also tells us about how MindGenius not only helps him improve his productivity at work, but also how this all-around, simple, yet powerful mind mapping tool has made studying easier, more fun, and a lot less stressful for his daughter Tammy, who now uses MindGenius to distribute learning materials to schools. And now, with the help of MindGenius developers, she is now about to launch her very own line of copyright protected studying manuals and mind maps via the MindGenius 5 software product!

Join Niall and the 600,000 other satisfied customers who have taken mind mapping to a whole new level with MindGenius. Fill up the contact form now for more information about how MindGenius can help you and your team increase your productivity, eliminate stagnation, and ensure every project’s success! Download your 30-day trial now!


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