Mind Mapping Video: What is a Mind Map and Starting to Build a Map


If you’re looking for the best and simplest productivity tool that you can use for whichever purpose it may serve you: at school, during brainstorming meetings in the office, taking down notes when you’re doing research, making sure you have all the details for your next blog entry or published literary words—a mind map can go a long way in helping you boost your information retention and data recall. This mind mapping video will show you the different ways you can use this highly effective and comprehensive tool for virtually anything that needs better idea organisation and a more easily understandable presentation.

In this introductory video, from a series of mind mapping tutorials, Colin Cooper, CEO of MindGenius Australia and New Zealand, will teach you how mind maps can be an essential tool for your everyday activities and tasks, from why you should be using it, to where you can use it: note-taking, brainstorming, presentations at work, or maybe even when you just want to exercise your creativity and warm up those brain juices.

Making basic mind maps require the simplest materials: a blank piece of paper, some coloured pens, and most importantly, your imagination! How your mind map looks depends on how you want it to: there is no black and white, step 1 to 10 way to do it! The radial nature of this visual tool makes it easier, faster, and more convenient (not to mention more engaging and fun) to memorise and recall information, no matter how intricate or complicated it is!

And now, mind mapping is made even more accessible and harmonised with your everyday business and productivity tools with the best mind mapping software, used and trusted by over 500,000 customers worldwide: MindGenius.

Whether you’re the owner of a small business with 10 employees, or a team leader handling hundreds or thousands of members in a multinational conglomerate, or a student looking to maximise your studying and stand out in your class presentations, MindGenius in your all-around tool that not only cuts your note taking time in half, but also ensure maximum information retention and assimilation.


About Author

Colin Cooper is the CEO of Boost Your Business, the leader in marketing and business development for both large and small scale businesses. As one of the most innovative marketing specialists for over a decade, Colin and his team of business and online experts collate their years of know-how and experiences with the Boost Your Business: Body Armour for Business, an online magazine created to provide a holistic resource avenue for everything business, health, and wellness.