Announcing MozBar 3.0: the Free, Completely Redesigned SEO Toolbar


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Today we are thrilled to announce version 3 of the MozBar browser extension. The SEO toolbar is now available for Chrome users. Expect the Firefox version to be available in a few weeks.

What is the MozBar?

The MozBar is a free browser extension that provides on-page access to Moz’s link metrics and site analysis tools. Over the years it has gained a very popular following and saved a ton of time for SEO’s and Inbound marketers alike. Whilst there are certain features that are only available to Pro subscribers, we try to keep as much as possible free. We think this is the TAGFEE thing to do, plus it really helps people as possible to get acquainted with our brand and our tools.

The MozBar, since its inception in 2008, solves three main problems for its users:

  1. SERP analysis
  2. Site/competitor research
  3. Link profile analysis

Here’s how those features work in version 3!

SERP analysis

As you search Google, Yahoo or Bing, the MozBar instantly shows you valuable statistics about each of the results you see. This new version of the MozBar makes deconstructing SERPs faster than ever.

Create search profiles for different engines and locations

If you are working in local search, the MozBar allows you to create search profiles for specific regions and cities. This allows you to easily switch between a search for “pizza” in Chicago and Seattle without changing your search query.

Export the SERP to a CSV

As you search, easily export into a CSV key data about each SERP including:

  • URL
  • Page Title
  • Description
  • Detailed link metrics

See Moz authority and search metrics next to each search result

You’ll get an overview of the most important statistics for each result on a SERP without even having to click through to those results.

Site/competitor research

This is another area where we’ve added a significant number of improvements, from on-page analysis to new structured data and markup detection.

See Moz authority and link metrics

For every URL you visit, the MozBar instantly shows you the link metrics at the top of the page, including MozRank, Domain Authority, subdomain metrics and more.

Highlight followed, nofollowed, external, and internal links

Easily spot which links are followed or nofollowed without having to dig through source code.

See important page attributes and elements on the page

The page analysis tools make up some of the strongest features of the MozBar. They allow you to perform an instant on-page audit of any URL you visit. With just a couple of clicks, instantly see important on page factors like title tags, meta description, canonical tags, page load time, HTTP status and more.

Link profile analysis

Detailed information about a page’s inbound links, including quick comparisons to the site’s domain and subdomain, are available at a glance.

What’s new in version 3?

Those of you familiar with the MozBar will notice that version 3 has a new look and design. The redesign is a result of a bunch of customer and design research and has been optimized around the tasks and use cases it is designed to solve. It is also much faster and more reliable. Some exciting new features for v3 include:

See social activity

No more hunting for that social sharing bar on pages you visit: MozBar now includes social statistics from Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ right on the page.

Validate and preview semantic markup

You’ll get an at-a-glance look at any semantic markup present on a page. Want to make sure a Twitter card is properly set up? No need to send a test tweet; just preview it in the MozBar.

View keyword difficulty on the SERP 

One of our most-requested features was the ability to make it easier to check keyword difficulty. Now you can get a keyword’s difficulty on the fly for any search query with a click of the button, right from the search page.

Note: This feature is only available to Pro subscribers.

Pro tip: MozBar obscuring your page? Hit Shift+Ctrl+Alt+M to show / hide the bar!

If you already have the MozBar installed, you don’t need to do anything. The Chrome Store will update to the new version automatically. If you don’t already have it, download it at the link above!

Or maybe you are feeling a bit nostalgic? Check out how the MozBar has evolved over the years! (And what better way to travel back in time than with a carousel and a cool gradient overlay?) 🙂

Looking for the Firefox version?

We are still ironing out some last-minute issues in the Firefox version, and will launch it as soon as it’s ready. For now, don’t worry; you can still use version 2.65.

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