Twitter Launches “Buy Now” Button for Shoppers—By Accident?


The birds of commerce are starting to chirp and invade the Twitter world—but the sightings may be an accidental launch, and not meant for the public to use—or even see—just yet.

But by the looks of it, it seems that shopping via this social media giant is not as far off in the future as we think. On June 30, Monday, a “Buy Now’ button was spotted in several tweets, all linked to online shopping site Discovered by, the buying option can be seen in both timeline and expanded tweet views, but only in the mobile version of Twitter. No “Buy Now” buttons are made available in the desktop version of the site.

Most speculate that Twitter accidentally launched the feature, prematurely showing the Twitterverse a glimpse of the rumoured Twitter Commerce Program, where merchants and online shopping sites using this social media platform can opt to make their brand and products made available for sale via this avenue. There is also a possibility of paid and shoppable advertisements appearing on netizens’ timelines, and a complete purchasing process via credit or debit cards.

This is similar to the other Twitter upgrades to provide more than a social experience to Twitter users, such as the “Download Now” button for app-install ads and the other rumoured feature, the “Click to call” button that allows customers to call companies and brands sending out tweets for products and services.
Whether accidental or not, the “Buy Now” button seems to be no more than a curious little addition to the appearance of product-related tweets, as it doesn’t lead you to any shopping or purchasing options when you click on the button.

This may very well be the start of Twitter flying into the business competition, after years and years of refusing to join the foray of online purchasing. Hopefully, and before long, merchants will soon be able to use this social media site not just for advertisements, but also for full shopping options.


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