MindGenius has a Review Mode


MindGenius Version 5 incorporates a Review Mode which lets you track Reviewer changes and capture comments.
Reviewers can edit maps as normal but are prompted to contribute their reasons before committing the changes – this enables you to review once the map is sent back to you.

Maps are switched in and out of Review Mode via the Review Mode Toggle command on the “Tools” Ribbon.

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How can I access and Use Review Mode?

  • Switch to the Tools ribbon
  • Click Review Mode
  • Enter the Map Owner name
  • Click OK

Once the map is in Review Mode you can add comments of your own or send the map to others for review.

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Whilst in Review Mode, you can:

  • Use the Send Map command to send the map to others for review, or return the map to its owner
  • Select the Add Comment command to add comments to the selected branch
  • View comments and changes made by Reviewers via the Comments and Changes Pane
  • Apply a filter to the map to show only branches with comments
  • Spell check the map by clicking “Spell Check”

If you feel you, your team, or other MindGenius users could do with a helping hand to get more out of MindGenius and get better users truly adopting MindGenius as a productivity tool, simply contact us at info@mindgenius.com.au to arrange a call to discuss your requirements.


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