WSJ: Apple Bringing NFC to iWatch


WSJ Apple Bringinging NFC to iWatch 300x209 WSJ: Apple Bringing NFC to iWatchNFC is coming soon to a wrist near you.

Next week, Apple is expected to roll out iWatch (although it won’t ship until early 2015). At that time, iWatch is going to rock the world of wearables by introducing Near Field Communications technology to the iOS-powered wearable device that has captivated the imagination of tech bloggers everywhere this year.

“Apple Inc. plans to include short-range wireless technology in its coming smartwatch,” the WSJ reports, citing people familiar with the matter. “The gadget’s use of near-field communication, or NFC, reflects Apple’s broader ambitions for the so-called iWatch beyond health and fitness tracking, the most commonly cited use.”

iWatch, however, won’t be alone in its NFC offering. Apple, we’re told, will also bring the wireless technology to iPhone 6, “potentially simplifying the process of connecting, or pairing, the two devices.”

Apple will offer a live stream of its iPhone 6 and iWatch unveiling next Tuesday on its official website.

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