Could a Texting Campaign Help Young People Curb Bullying?


Could A Texting Campaign Help Young People Curb Bullying 300x199 Could a Texting Campaign Help Young People Curb Bullying?Could young people benefit from a text message service that jogs their thoughts and actions about bullying?, the largest organization for young people and social change, and Be a STAR, an anti-bullying initiative co-founded in 2011 by The Creative Coalition and global entertainment company WWE, think so.

The organizations have partnered up to offer “The Bully Text: Superstar Edition,” a campaign that employs an SMS text message game to encourage young people to take action to combat bullying.

Young people will be able to participate in the SMS text message experience that virtually walks them through a day in the life of a student giving them a chance to take action around bullying.

According to a news release provided to MMW, “For example, young people receive a text in the experience with the following scenario: “Seth teases Amy, your lab partner, about her stutter & everyone laughs. Do u A) wait & comfort her after class or B) tell them to quit it.”

Scenarios are designed to promote positive responses to bullying — with young people getting guidance from some of their favorite WWE Superstars.

“Both and Be a STAR are committed to giving young people the tools they need to combat bullying,” said Naomi Hirabayashi, Chief Marketing Officer for “Through’s expertise in using innovative SMS games to tackle important issues and WWE’s global reach and passionate fan base, this partnership is a no-brainer.”

More details about the SMS text service can be accessed at (or text STAR to 38383).

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