Report: Cloud Storage Usage on the Rise


Report Cloud Storage Usage on the Rise 300x199 Report: Cloud Storage Usage on the RiseCloud storage, which enables consumers to store material and later access it anytime, any place, or on any device, has gone mainstream.

According to the latest data from Harris interactive, and covered by eMarketer, 39% of U.S. internet users have now turned to the cloud in some fashion. Of this large group, the overwhelming majority said the cloud vastly benefits professionals.

The cloud makes lives easier through simple file-sharing and stress free data backups (41% of those polled attest).

For 40%, the cloud also helps keep friends and families connected.

Even though 9 out 10 users said the cloud was beneficial to their lives, only 14% stated it made communicating with co-workers easier.

18% admitted that the cloud in some way made their jobs simpler.

Last year, an estimated 2.4 billion people used the cloud through broadband for accessing email, social media, games, backup storage, and apps. That figure is projected to reach 3.6 billion by 2018, according to Juniper Research.

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