Macy’s Backs Largest Beacon Deployment Ever


Macy’s Backs Largest Beacon Deployment Ever 300x225 Macy’s Backs Largest Beacon Deployment EverGo big or go home. That seems to be the approach for Macy’s when it comes to its flourishing omnichannel strategy.

Representatives for Macy’s tell MMW that the company is continuing to add new dimensions for attracting shoppers and serving the needs of individual customers.

Specifically, the organization is behind the largest implementation of beacon technology to date in retail – and in any industry – expanding its partnership with shopkick to make it happen.

By the end of September, we’re told, more than 4,000 shopBeacon devices will be active across all of Macy’s stores in the U.S. That brings the total number of shopBeacons in the shopkick network to about 7,500 across 3,000 stores, including Macy’s and select American Eagle Outfitters, T.J.Maxx, Marshalls and HomeGoods locations.

Terry J. Lundgren, Macy’s CEO, is understandably optimistic about the tech-savvy efforts underway ahead of the 2014 holiday shopping season.

“We are a multi-faceted retailer with stores, technology, Internet capability and mobile access that come together for our customers,” Lundgren says. “They are at the center of all our decisions, and our ongoing research and development will continue to help us understand how to personally engage with them.”

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