Helping Professionals Achieve Their Career Aspirations: Kaplan’s Career Journey Powered by LinkedIn


Our mission at LinkedIn is to connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful. That’s why we’re excited to power Kaplan’s Career Journey, a free online course where you’ll learn to use the power of social media to implement practical strategies for career advancement, professional development and personal transformation. By signing-in to Career Journey with LinkedIn, Kaplan will deliver to you a highly personalized learning experience based on your LinkedIn profile and network.  These experiences include:

  • Highlighting skills to develop when you’re pursuing a stated goal
  • Sharing articles/videos to show what’s required to achieve specific objectives
  • Identifying potential mentors within your LinkedIn network
  • Surfacing relevant openings at appropriate companies
  • Providing tailored supplementary learning opportunities, including degree programs from Kaplan University




Career Journey’s program is chock full of tools for professionals in all stages of their careers. Whether you’re looking to create a powerful personal brand, identify career opportunities, or tap into your network of connections, the six-module program offers tangible resources that can help transform your career.


Beyond the content is the the thriving community within Career Journey.  As you get integrated into the program, our hope is that you’ll be inspired to share your own stories, tips and advice with other members to help them achieve career success.  Become a part of this new community by visiting the Career Journey LinkedIn group where you can join in the conversation and give feedback on how to make the program even more valuable.

We believe that professional development and education can be a life-long journey; start learning different ways to find your path on Career Journey today.


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