MMA Touts Winners of 2014 Global Smarties


MMA Touts Winners of 2014 Global Smarties MMA Touts Winners of 2014 Global Smarties MMW was briefed yesterday by the Mobile Marketing Association on this week’s presentation of the 2014 Global Smarties.

“A stellar showcase of marketer, media, technology and agency excellence from around the world” was presented at this year’s Gala at the Highline Stages in New York City.

According to the MMA, the winners of the Smarties represent those who are blazing new trails, exhibiting bravery and innovation across the sizzling and competitive mobile marketing ecosystem.

This year’s most prestigious “Best in Show” was awarded to Hindustan Unilever and PHD for their “Kan Khajura Tesan” campaign in Bihar, India.

This campaign leveraged the uniqueness of mobile by creating a new media channel to reach a rural population of 137 million who suffer from daily power cuts, but where 86 percent of the population owns a mobile phone. By delivering “free, on-demand and always-on” entertainment, Unilever was able to build a new loyal consumer base for a number of products to what has been an unreachable audience.

The Industry Awards were also handed to an impressive group of companies including:

  • Marketer to Watch: Ford Motor Company
  • Media Company of the Year: Facebook
  • Agency of the Year: Razorfish

You can check out all the winning campaigns and trends from those campaigns in a report published by the MMA immediately following this year’s awards presentation. To download the report, click here.

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