Apple Pay Plus Retargeting is Powerful One-Two Punch


Apple Pay Plus Retargeting is Powerful One Two Punch 300x180 Apple Pay Plus Retargeting is Powerful One Two PunchApple Pay, the new mobile payments system, is here.

Now available to consumers, the system is being praised by direct response and retail brands. Apple Pay allows users to store their credit card information on their iPhones and pay from their devices.

But there’s more on the horizon.

“The company already has plans for using the service to bolster iAd, its mobile ad network: A new feature would integrate Apple Pay with Apple’s iAd mobile ad network in the form of a tap-to-buy button embedded in mobile ads, according to those familiar with the developments,” according to John McDermott at Digiday.

“It’s something I would definitely bring to clients,” Rachel Pasqua, mobile practice lead at media agency MEC has commented. “We do so much mobile rich media for Paramount film releases that it would be fun to test this with.”

Pasqua also said that the feature would be potentially rich for direct-response campaigns conducted by clients Ikea and Netflix.

“Adding a buy button to ads is nothing new; Facebook and Twitter added buy buttons to their ads products in July and September of this year, respectively,” notes McDermott. “But Twitter and Facebook are using tap-to-buy ads to make money for themselves; buy buttons in iAd is intriguing in that they would allow the publishers that work with iAd to generate more mobile ad revenue from their apps.”

The Buy buttons combined with iAd’s new retargeting capabilities make a powerful one-two punch.

“Buy buttons in iAd would become even more compelling when combined with iAd’s new retargeting feature, which allows marketers to retarget users based upon their in-app activity,” McDermott concludes. “If a user is shopping for an item in a retailer’s app but ends up abandoning their shopping cart before purchasing, the retailer can now retarget that user with a mobile buy button ad for that item.”

Another boon: the new feature is anticipated to hit the market toward the end of the year — just in time for the holiday retail rush.

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