Secure Messaging Platforms Evaluated by EFF


Secure Messaging Platforms Evaluated by EFF 300x176 Secure Messaging Platforms Evaluated by EFFThe Electronic Frontier Foundation has published a thorough new analysis of electronic messaging systems.

Shared with MMW on Wednesday, the group set out to exhaustively evaluate some of the biggest messaging service providers in mobile technology and social media.

“In the face of widespread Internet surveillance, we need a secure and practical means of talking to each other from our phones and computers,” the EFF says. “Many companies offer ‘secure messaging’ products—but are these systems actually secure? We decided to find out, in the first phase of a new EFF Campaign for Secure & Usable Crypto.”

Taking into a host of critically important considerations in the evaluation of these platforms’ general safety and overall security, the EFF didn’t find any solution to be flawless.

But some were better than others.

The big winner was Apple, which finished ahead of its biggest competitors in mobile communications. EFF ranked Apple’s iMessage and FaceTime as the best mass market options for secure messaging, beating out BlackBerry Messenger, Google Hangouts, Facebook, and Microsoft Skype.

To review the complete findings, click here.

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