Trends for 2015? More Search, Sponsored Content, Big Data


Trends for 2015 More Search Sponsored Content Big Data 300x200 Trends for 2015? More Search, Sponsored Content, Big DataWhat’s in store for digital marketing 2015? More of what we saw in 2014. A lot more.

“Quality content. Content marketing. Mobile-friendly content. Ad retargeting.

That begins an iMediaConnection essay on digital marketing trends by Neal Leavitt, president of Leavitt Communications.

“Scores of pundits and prognosticators awake and arise this time of year from their marketing crypts to make predictions, outline scenarios on what they see as hot digital marketing trends for the upcoming year,” he continues. “And we see a lot of those aforementioned terms – and others – you know what some of them are – year-after-year, being bandied about and re-purposed.”

Leavitt is more interested in what might be really productive in driving awareness of products and services — as well as boost sales — in the coming year.

According to Leavitt, a recent Internet Retailer marketing survey had some interesting data on where things are going.

“Fully 46.2 percent reported increased traffic to their e-commerce sites over the past year through natural, or organic search,” notes Leavitt.  “And 32.9 percent generated at least half of their online sales through their paid search and organic search programs combined.”

As a result, Leavitt posits, 40.3 percent of survey respondents have increased their search marketing budgets over the past year.

And sponsored content is going to grow. Same with big data.

“McKinsey & Company predicts there will be a 40 percent projected growth in global data generated per year versus only a five percent grow in global IT spending,” Leavitt concludes.

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