New Self-Service Platform for App Developers Generating Buzz


New Self Service Platform for App Developers Generating Buzz 300x199 New Self Service Platform for App Developers Generating BuzzTime is money, they say.

Now the Israel-based Todacell firm is introducing “Todaself,” a self-service mobile-ad platform that lets app developers and advertisers launch ad campaigns in a matter of minutes.

According to a post at Venture Beat, “(Users) can also continuously monitor them and optimize the ads for audience and geography.”

It’s a crowded market, but Todacell execs say Todaself can help app developers and direct marketers tailor campaigns potentially viewed by more than 250 million consumers via the company’s ad network.

Mobile campaigns can be optimized by changing the targeting, bidding price, creative, or geographies instantly via Todaself. Once created, the campaigns can target app users in many different nations. App developers and direct marketers can use the Todaself ad-optimization technology to tailor campaigns based on non-mobile data sources like socio-geographic, economic, and product categories.

Amir Goldstein, CEO of Todacell, says Todaself is the “first self-service mobile ad solution to integrate advanced mobile campaign optimization technology into a self-serve solution, providing developers, advertisers and agencies control, convenience, and most important, performance.”

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