Email Open Rate in UK Shows Increasing Activity on Mobile


Email Open Rate in UK Shows Increasing Activity on MobileWhat’s the skinny on email marketing in the mother country?

Interestingly, December research from email intelligence company Return Path indicates that mobile is having a deleterious effect on consumer emailing habits.

“(The research) found that the percentage share of email opens in the country across mobile, desktop and webmail platforms was heavily weighted in favor of mobile, with 62 percent of Return Path UK client emails opened that way,” noted eMarketer. “This was well ahead of any other country tracked; the U.S. was some way behind, with a 48 percent share of opens coming via mobile.”

The upshot? There won’t be a smart marketer who doesn’t make mobile a big part of email marketing plans.

“But with this consideration comes many potential pitfalls,” says eMarketer. “On the marketer side of the equation, rendering emails mobile-ready and all the related issues that come with that will, of course, signal greater costs. Meanwhile, on the consumer side of things, you’ll need to be wary of intruding on a day full of consumption—much of it on mobile. Spamming consumers on their mobile devices with unoptimized emails could have a damaging effect.”

That’s why industry analysts urge caution to mobile emailers. Too much of a good thing — as they say — well, that’s not so good.

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