Strengthen Your Professional Relationships with LinkedIn’s New Connected App for Android



Relationships matter.

As professionals, a great network translates to opportunity, growth, learning and friendships – but it also requires the investment of time and effort. For many of us, making and maintaining these relationships can feel daunting – especially when you’re busy or not sure how to reach out.

Enter LinkedIn’s Connected app, newly launched on Android today.

Reach out for a reason. Connected gives you a sincere way to say hello – from updates on work anniversaries, birthdays, promotions and job changes to when people you care about get mentioned in the news. These are great reasons to reconnect with an old mentor or offer congratulations to a deserving colleague. Swipe quickly to view these updates and stay in touch in just a few seconds.

Get intelligence, act intelligently. Sync your contacts and calendars on Connected – and you’ll get pre-meeting insights and reminders that help you be your best self with new acquaintances and old colleagues. Just imagine you’re walking into a meeting with someone you’ve never met before and – ping! – your phone sends you a quick notification. Turns out you both went to the same university and share a common interest (running). You’ve now transformed those potentially awkward first few minutes into smooth conversation – and set the stage for an enduring connection.

Receive reminders you need. With the app, you can see all the pertinent info about a person you know in one place – from the last time you met to the connections you share. You also don’t necessarily need to be in the app to reap the benefits of Connected. With the Android-only design feature, Connected insights are available right from your home screen so your relationships can stay top-of-mind. Click them and you’ll see a person’s profile or prompts to reach out. These help you keep your connections warm following meetings and encounters.

Give the Connected app a try – download it here on the Google Play store (iOS users – you’re covered here). Share your feedback too; you’ll see in-app prompts for your opinions on various features, which will help shape future versions of Connected.

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