Google Play ‘Supercharges’ Games with New Data, Ad Features at MWC 2015


Google Play ‘Supercharges’ Games with New Data, Ad Features at MWC 2015Google knows gaming is big business. In fact, according to a recent blog post at the Google developer website, the company notes that “of the one billion Android users in more than 190 countries, three out of four of them are gamers.”

Now Google wants to put some premium gas in its gaming tank.

Google has announced new features for Google Play Games and AdMob to facilitate better measurement metrics as well as increased monetization opportunities.

For starters, “Player Analytics” should give developers a better idea of where they’re hitting targets, and where they’re not.

“We’re introducing Player Analytics, giving developers access to powerful analytics reports to better measure overall business success and understand in-game player behavior,” according to the post. “Launching in the next few weeks in the Google Play Developer Console, the new tool will give indie developers and big studios better insight into how their players are progressing, spending, and churning; access to critical metrics like ARPPU and sessions per user; and assistance setting daily revenue targets.”

Google contends that clients like BombSquad (the brainchild of a one-person game studio in San Francisco) more than doubled its revenue per user on Google Play during beta testing of Player Analytics.

Additionally, three new updates to the AdMob platform are aimed at monetization.

The new features? (Here we quote Greg Hartrell, Senior Product Manager of Google Play Games).

  1. Native Ads: “Currently available as a limited beta, participating game developers will be able to show ads in their app from Google advertisers, and then customize them so that users see ads that match the visual design of the game.”
  2. “In-App Purchase House Ads Beta: Game developers will be able to smartly grow their in-app purchase revenue for free. AdMob can now predict which users are more likely to spend on in-app purchases, and developers will be able to show these users customized text or display ads promoting items for sale. Currently in beta, this feature will be coming to all AdMob accounts in the next few weeks.”
  3. Audience Builder: “A powerful tool that enables game developers to create lists of audiences based on how they use their game. They will be able to create customized experiences for users, and ultimately grow their app revenue.”

And don’t forget TV. Google Play plans include Android TV as a means to bring games to the bigger screen.

“To make gaming even more dynamic on Android TV, we’re launching the Nearby Connections API with the upcoming update of Google Play services,” explained Hartrell. “With this new protocol, games can seamlessly connect smartphones and tablets as second-screen controls to the game running on your TV. We are looking forward to more living room multiplayer games taking advantage of mobile devices as second screen controls.”

More details on Google’s vision — and upcoming changes — are available here.

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