Email Marketing Made Easy …..Tips for Emails That Really Work


Email marketing is a tried and tested method for reaching the right people online and persuading them to take action. It can be very lucrative for any online business, but before you dive in, it is important that you know the basics.

These will be the foundation for your email marketing business and the more of the basics you know, the stronger your foundation will be. The stronger your foundation is, the larger you will be able to grow your business and the more profits you will bring in. This makes sense, right?

We will go over the basics of what exactly email marketing is and how it works. We will also provide you with a few basic tips that will help you get off to a good start with your email marketing business.

Email marketing can offer a great deal of benefits and profits if it is done correctly. In order for you to be able to email market correctly it is important that you first understand exactly what email marketing is.


What Is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing is marketing a product or a message through a series of emails to current or potential future customers


Email marketing is really no different from other forms of marketing except for the fact that it does not require cold calling or going door to door. Email offers you the opportunity to speak directly to potential customers and clients all over the world whenever you want.


It is extremely important to build a good rapport with your clients and customers. You want to be thought of as a trustworthy person or business.  Always keep your emails looking professional and engaging.


Never offer promotions that you cannot fulfil just to try and get new clients and customers because this will backfire and give you a bad reputation. Your potential customers will unsubscribe from your list very quickly. As long as you have a good product and maintain a good image, your list will continue to grow and grow.



The following are some basic tips that will serve as your basic guidelines for email marketing and will help you get off to a good start.


 Have a Goal 


When you are beginning an email marketing campaign it is very important that you know exactly what it is that you would like to accomplish and set a goal in order to keep you on track. There are different uses for email marketing. It can be used for getting a message out, affiliate marketing, selling products, and many other things. You need to determine exactly what it is that you want to do and stick with it.


Mail Often 

You need to send your emails out on a regular basis. You do not want to send emails too far apart so that your subscribers forget who you are but at the same time you do not want send them too often to annoy them.



Keep it Neat 


It is very important that use you choose fonts that are easy to read. Keep your paragraphs short and don’t block all of the sentences together. Taking the time to make your emails neat looks very professional and will lead to more email marketing leads.



Get to the Point! 


Most people are constantly busy and it can be hard for them to find time to get everything done that they need to get done in a day. The last thing that they want to do at the end of their work day, or during, is sit down to read a lengthy email that is trying to sell them a product or get a certain message to them. That is why it is important to keep your emails as short as possible without leaving out important details. You may be asking yourself, how am I supposed to shorten all of the details that I need to relay? The answer is actually quite simple.



The following are some examples of different ways that you can make your emails short and sweet. This will surely help you to expand your mailing list and strengthen your email marketing business.




If you have a lot of details that you need to inform people about when it comes to one of your products there is something you can do to keep your emails from looking cluttered. Why don’t you try including the most important details that will catch the attention of your target audience in the main body of the email and provide links to additional information? This will offer current and potential future customers to get the main point you are trying to get across while still offering them to read more on the information they choose to.

Use Multimedia 


You can use multimedia to help you keep your emails short and sweet as well. You can do this by making videos that can be played in the email or by using images that display the information you are trying to get across. Another thing you may want to try is voice recordings. It is much quicker than having to type, you do not have to worry about what fonts you select, and your customers will not have to read as much. It will be a winning situation for everyone and that is key to success in marketing.


Use Lists 


When creating the outline for your marketing emails you may want to try using a list to sort out your information before you actually create the email. List your information in the order of the priority of the information on the list and determine what really needs to be there and what doesn’t. Remember, one of the keys to marketing is being short and to the point but still providing enough details about your product. It is a delicate process and it can be quite tricky, but it is possible!


Keep Information Relevant 


One thing that you can do that will help to keep your emails short and sweet would be to make sure that you always keep the information in your marketing emails relevant to your product or the message that you are trying to relay. Basically, if it does not directly relate to what you are marketing do not put it in your emails!


You should also keep in mind the fact that today’s society is using more and more devices to check their emails. Devices like smartphones have much smaller screens than a PC or a laptop so trying to read a long email on a smartphone would be a very difficult task.


It is very important that you make sure that the marketing experience is as convenient as possible for the customer because this will lead to more sales. On the other hand, making the experience inconvenient by having lengthy emails that are constantly sent to them will likely just lead to a loss of a customer.



Always Be You


You were born as a unique person, there is no other person in this world who is exactly like you. This is also true when it comes to your personality. It is unique for a reason. If everyone had the same personality in the world, life would be very boring. It is the differences in all of us that make us who we are and make the world an interesting place. That is why it is so important to always be yourself, even when email marketing.


Personality traits can be picked up by the way you speak and the words that you use. The same thing is true when it comes to people reading your emails. They will easily be able to pick up on what type of person you are from the way that you write. They will also be able to pick up on whether you are a genuine person or not. Trying to be a person other than yourself when you write your emails is a very bad idea because it will make you seem less genuine and will lower your credibility.


One common mistake that people make is trying to use words that they would not normally use. They may be doing this because they are less educated or they may not be confident with their writing. Whatever the reason for doing this is it should not be done. When you use words that you would not normally use they are oftentimes not used correctly and this does not look professional.


Try writing out some practice emails before you send out your actual marketing emails. Review the practice email and determine if it sounds like you when you read it. If you are satisfied with the personality that is projected it is time to then send out the email.


Effective Teasers 


As mentioned earlier, teasers can be extremely effective when it comes to marketing tools. The trick is knowing how to use them in the right way. A lot of using teasers will involve having to send out numerous emails to potential clients and customers. If this is not done correctly, the people who you are sending the teasers to will likely unsubscribe from your mailing list. This will be very damaging to your email marketing campaign since the entire heart of the operation is within the marketing mailing list.


You need to create teaser emails that will keep people interested in your product until it is complete or ready for release without giving away too much about the product.


Pre-orders can be very beneficial for a product launch because you will have money that is being generated before you even release your product to your mailing list. This can help you to generate the funds that you need to make any last minute tweaks that are needed on your product. One of the best ways that you can get your product on people’s minds and generate pre- order income is through the use of effective teasers.

Effective Headlines 


In order for you to generate income from email marketing you will have to get people to open your emails. There is no way people will ever know about the product you are marketing if they do not ever open your emails. This is where an effective eye catching email headline or subject line comes into play.


Creating effective headlines and subject lines is really not all that difficult. Studies show that emails with catchy headlines are far more likely to get opened than those that do not. As stated before, it is extremely important that you get your emails opened if you plan on being a success as an email marketer.


The following are some tips that you should consider when you put together your next email headline or subject line.


Why Should the Customer Care? 


One thing that is very important for you to ask yourself when making headlines is, why should the customer care? When you ask yourself this question you are much more likely to devise an email headline that will make the email seem appealing to the customer and make them much more likely to open the email.



Short and Sweet 


Just as with the email content itself, you want to keep the headline short and sweet. Get straight to the point with it. Email headlines that are too long in length will get looked over in most cases and will go straight to the trash box.




Keywords are very important and should always be included in your email headlines. Make sure that your keywords are relevant to what you are marketing. Also, make sure that your keywords offer the reader important upfront information about what you are marketing. This will catch their interest which will lead to more people opening your emails.


Know How to Express Urgency 


Knowing how to lay out your text to emphasize urgency is very important for an effective email marketing campaign. You need to learn how and when to use caps locks to emphasize when something is urgent and to catch the reader of the eye. You must be careful when doing this though because too much of it can appear sloppy and not well put together.

Remain Professional 


One common mistake that a lot of email marketers make is trying to come across more as a friend than a business person. This is not always a good idea. While it is important to learn how to speak to people in a way that will engage with them and make them feel comfortable, it is important that you always maintain a professional image. Therefore, you always want to make sure that you are a professional seeking business opportunities and not someone looking for a new best friend.


Creating effective headlines for your emails will surely become easier over time, especially if you try and incorporate some of these strategies when you make them. Just think about what would catch your eye and make you interested in opening an email. Think of times in the past when you were persuaded into opening marketing emails. What made you open those emails? Now that you have thought about it, try and incorporate some of their ideas into your own headlines.

Stay Connected


It is extremely important to develop a good rapport with people who are on your email marketing list. Your subscribers can choose to ask to be removed from your list at any time they please and if they are removed it can be very damaging to your business.


Some businesses do not understand how much of a difference one person can make, but they can actually have quite a large impact. For this reason it is extremely important that you ensure that your email customers are always satisfied and happy with their services. One way to do this is to make sure that you communicate and stay connected with your subscribers on your mailing list.


You may want to consider taking the time on an occasional basis to write your list an email asking them if they are happy with your services and if there is anything you could do to improve them. Even if the people on your list are satisfied they will surely appreciate this gesture. It is little actions like this that help you stay connected with people on your marketing lists and keeps them happy with your services.


You may also want to consider offering freebies or special promotions to loyal subscribers. This will show those who have been on your list for a long period of time that you appreciate their business and would like to offer a way to say thank you. This will be greatly appreciated by your customers and will almost surely lead to them purchasing more products from you and remaining on your mailing list for a long time.

One of the most important things when it comes to staying tuned in to your mail subscribers when you are an email marketer is customer service.

Think of a place that you frequently visit for business reasons. What keeps bringing you back to the same place? I am almost certain that it is good customer service. The sad fact is that good customer service is hard to come across these days. It really is not a hard thing to do, just treat those who are on your list the way you would like to be treated.


Wrapping Up 


Although there are so many advantages that come from choosing to market by email it is important that you are aware of the fact that there are also certain pitfalls that you should avoid.


Email marketing is no different than other forms of marketing and this is especially true when it comes to the fact that there is no guarantee of success or profit. Much of your success will depend on the amount of effort that you are willing to put forth and the amount of determination you have. A lot of it will also come down to how you are able to speak with clients and customers and the amount of professionalism you carry.


Remember to never make the horrible mistake of promising a deadline that you cannot meet. Failure to meet a deadline for a mailing list will seriously damage your credibility and will likely lead to a dramatic loss of subscribers. You have to also remember that word of mouth travels quite far so the opinions of those on your mailing list can have a big impact on how successful you are as an email marketer.


It will be a lot of hard work and you will spend many hours creating the perfect email marketing campaign but in the long run all of your efforts will surely pay off. Remember the information that has been provided to you in this article and make sure that you start trying to use the tips and tricks as soon as you can. As mentioned before, the difference between a successful email campaign and a failure is the approach you take to it and the manner in which you handle your marketing. Make sure that you are set up for success and that you master the strategies that were provided to you.


Consider Getting Some Help with Your Email Marketing 

If you have never run an email marketing campaign before and are a bit nervous about doing so, it might be wise for you to consider getting some help with your email marketing.


By outsourcing it to a professional, you can get help creating email templates, writing compelling emails to engage with your readers and even help with managing your list.


We run very successful and profitable email marketing campaigns every week and have a lot of experience. We would be thrilled to be given the opportunity to run your campaign and convert your mailing list into loyal, lifelong customers. Contact us today to discover what we can do for your bu


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