For Facebook, Breaking Up (With Skype) is Easy To Do


For Facebook, Breaking Up (With Skype) is Easy To DoBet you didn’t even notice.

Facebook and Skype have ended their relationship. No need to feel sad — it was a short marriage and engendered no children.

What’s up? Quite simply, video calling is now available via Facebook’s Messenger app. The just announced app lets users tap a video icon in Messenger and start a face-to-face chat via Facebook. Available in the U.S. and UK, it will be rolled out to other countries very soon.

In contrast to Facebook’s Hello app, video calling is available on both iOS and Android devices. Best of all, mobile to mobile calls are between the two platforms.

This ends Facebook’s romance with Skype, which started back in 2011. At the time, the idea of Microsoft and Facebook working together to facilitate video calling seemed like a good idea.

“Mark Zuckerberg said at the time that he and then-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer were “really aligned on this,” noted Business Insider. “But now, with the launch of video calling in Facebook Messenger for iPhone and Android, there’s no longer any doubt: Facebook and Skype have broken up, and Skype seems to be the one who was dumped.”

A few months ago, Facebook “quietly stopped using Skype for video calls made from the desktop, replacing Skype with technology that Facebook developed in-house,” Facebook confirmed to Business Insider.

Though Microsoft was an early investor (in 2007) in what was then the fledgling Facebook social media idea, Facebook has pretty much abandoned that romance (including dropping Microsoft Bing for search on its site).

Whether or not users will miss the Facebook-Skype connection is anyone’s guess (and we guess NOT), but one thing is clear: Facebook doesn’t want you to leave Facebook. Not for a minute. Ever.

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