Apple’s New App Analytics: Great for Every Developer


Apple recently unveiled new App Analytics available for all Apple developers via iTunes Connect. This is a big improvement on Apple’s existing analytics and will provide great insight for app owners big and small. The program provides users with a brand new set of statistics targeting individual apps and their usage. This includes the different devices accessing the app(s) as well as the users’ location. The biggest impact beneficiaries of this new program are SMBs and small time app developers that can now provide concrete evidence as to how influential their apps are and the importance for their customers.

The new in-house analytics platform isn’t the end all be all but it’s a start. Regardless, it is a welcomed alternative to premium services like App Annie and appears to be a leg up on Android for Apple. iTunes Connect has consistently been user-friendly and the new analytics are no different.

I strongly encourage anyone with an Apple Developer account to login and check out the new beta program. It provides not only app analytics but also page statistics for the App Store listing. Similarly to Google Analytics, developers can now see page views as well as pages sources. This is a big and welcomed addition for marketers and app designers because you can now see what promotions work best for the app and for the client.

This is probably just the beginning, meaning Apple is making it easier than ever to analyze app data. I would not be surprised if there are bigger and better announcements at WWDC next month.


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