Kantar Media, comScore Studying Cross-Media Audience Measurement Solutions


Kantar Media, comScore Studying Cross-Media Audience Measurement SolutionsCut once, but measure twice. That might go double for digital.

The measurement world may get better, at least for many companies, now that Kantar Media and comScore have teamed up to launch a new “Integrated Measurement Approach” the firms say will deliver “faster, smarter solutions for advertisers and broadcasters.”

The cross-media audience measurement system will be tested in Spain. It’s the first in what could be a series of improvements in cross-media metrics for markets around the world.

“Bringing together the leading experts on TV and internet audience measurement, both companies have defined a roadmap together that addresses a range of reporting scopes and the options of available measurement assets and techniques, including panels, meters, tagging, home routers, return path data, and census profiles,” the company recently announced.

“As advertising spend on integrated cross-media campaigns increases, there is a growing demand for solutions that bring together TV and internet audience measurement to provide cross-media reach and frequency,” said Andy Brown, CEO & Chairman of Kantar Media.

Brown knows the solutions need to be workable in a multitude of markets.

“Cross-media measurement solutions must be responsive to local needs so we have designed a framework that maximizes the use of existing data sets and commercial considerations in any given market,” he said.

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