Captions And Quotations What your Customers are saying about you


Don’t get angry.jpg

“No matter how bad or unfair the review, never get angry or enter into an argument with the person who left the comment.”


Don’t ignore feedback.jpg

“Never ignore feedback. If there has been a negative review, quickly address the situation, find out what the problem was and resolve it. “


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(No caption needed)


other people will be watching.jpg

“How you handle a negative review is very important. Remember, other people will be watching to see how you respond. If you act professionally and show that you care you will win over new customers. “


Respond quickly and professionally.jpg

“Nip any issues in the bud immediately with a prompt and professional reply.”


Respond to your customers.jpg

“In most cases, unhappy customers are simply looking for a solution to their problem. Your quick and friendly response will not only win them over but other potential customers as well. “


Stay professional.jpg

“Always deal with customer complaints in a professional manner and with empathy. “




“Many small businesses don’t realise the importance of online reputation management…one bad review can have serious consequences for your business if it is not handled properly. “


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