6 Simple Ways to Boost Personal Productivity


Productivity is never an accident. It is the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focussed effort. – Paul J. Meyer.

We would all love to be that bit more productive in our working lives and ensure we’re performing our roles to the best of our ability, in a highly effective and efficient manner. But let’s be honest, it’s not always that easy, is it?

Your mounting inbox stares at you malevolently as you depart your desk to attend yet another meeting, which you will undoubtedly leave with an abundance of fresh actions, to add to your already out of control task list.

The chaos of your demanding role will probably never seize however, the way in which you deal with it can help you along the way to becoming more productive amidst the madness.


Sounds too simple, right? Planning is a simple, easy and a highly effective way of organising tasks, priorities and deadlines. By doing so you’ll be able to capture, sort and categorise not just your own, but your team’s workload.

Using MindGenius allows you to visually digest your workload and help you to arrive at decisions on workload levels, importance, priorities and what needs to be delegated. Additionally, you can categorise, allocate resources and use filtering for reporting.

Organising objectives, tasks and general workload really goes a long way to helping you plan, organise, work smarter, and ultimately become more efficient and effective. Is the old adage “failing to plan is planning to fail” ringing in your ears?

It may be annoying, but it couldn’t be more apt.


In practically everything we do, we almost subconsciously take our ideas and knowledge through an information journey process – capture, understand, analyse and decide. But it’s what we do next that lets us down.

We don’t always process our ideas, creativity and knowledge in the most productive of ways which inevitably results in misunderstandings, misconceptions, missed opportunities and missed deadlines.

MindGenius is one of the best enablers for visualising data and facts. You’re able to take any problem or opportunity and run it through any technique that involves drilling into the detail of who, what, where, why, when and how.

Everything you do involves thinking. Most situations require in-depth and thorough thinking. By visually consuming your thoughts you will be presented with clarity and focus allowing you to effectively capture and prioritise your thinking, saving time, effort and your sanity.


Meetings are supposed to be the perfect setting for a productive discussion but that’s not always the case. Thanks to a lack of agendas, inadequate planning, proper focus on actions and poor punctuality, meetings are not nearly as effective as they could be.

MindGenius ensures meeting requirements and content are thoroughly considered and focussed.

The format will act as a highly visual and engaging platform for conducting meetings, as well as heightening collaboration and engagement. Allocating resources and timescales to required actions will allow for future meetings to form a structure.

Say goodbye to ineffective, boring, unfocussed meetings, and hello to collaboration and productivity!


From detailing each action, through to allocating resources to each task and onto monitoring the timely completion of these tasks, each step allows for forwarding planning and productivity.

Task management, particularly live in a group situation, really does help with “joined up thinking” and clarity on what needs to done, by who, and by when, resulting in communication and buy-in to the whole picture as well as appreciation of each individual component part.

MindGenius helps to take task management to a whole new level of visibility, monitoring and meeting priorities and deadlines. The functionality of filtering on various task ownership and progress status allows us to track and manage tasks on a proactive basis. The ability to export task details and properties to MS Outlook and ongoing synchronicity helps ensure tasks are kept in view and increases the chances of tasks being attended to and completed on time.

Introducing visibility, monitoring and meeting priorities and deadlines will be a welcomed change by all involved.

Isn’t it easier when everyone knows what’s expected of them?


In our roles we are typically required to research or examine complex pieces of information. It is that sense of being faced with a mass of information to interpret it and make sense of it all that can sometimes be a daunting prospect.

We can spend a lot of unnecessary valuable time and energy pouring over information in our efforts to sort, organise and understand what it all means. Another challenge we face in those situations is separating out the key data or facts and the need to visualise them in a way that we can gain better understanding, easily recognise themes and be able to generally “separate the wood from the trees”, in order to gain better clarity on the key facts.

MindGenius saves you time and a whole lot of effort in the way you can capture key words and phrases and quickly de-clutter chunks of information. The visual aspect appeals to the way we naturally “chunk” information to reduce complexity and gain better insights into what it all means.

The fact that you can group, move, sort, colour-code, categorise and filter on information gives you various options of working with and interpreting information quickly, effortlessly and in a less labour-intensive way than some traditional methods.


From simple projects, to long, complex projects they all require sufficient and thorough planning. The size, type and nature of the project will determine the amount of time, resources, methodologies and processes required.

Experience and research indicates that, regardless of size and type, many projects fail due to inadequate planning. This is the pre-scheduling stage, the crucial up-front capture of the project requirements and the project work breakdown structure (WBS) – the stage that everything else hinges on, where if important aspects are missed; project success is potentially placed under immediate risk.

MindGenius’ highly visual way of capturing project data is engaging and more naturally suited to this process than traditional static, linear methods such as schedules and spreadsheets.

The added advantage of being able to quickly and immediately convert your mapped WBS into a project schedule (e.g. externally to MS Project or using an integral Gantt view) brings real value in that the software continues as the one-stop repository for ongoing scheduling, monitoring and reporting.

The comprehensive filtering and reporting mechanisms within the Gantt view enables proactive review of any aspect of task and overall project progress and status. All through this process, momentum, clarity, focus and visibility are heightened and there is no doubt that there is increased efficiency throughout.

Does it sound like MindGenius could be the tool for you? Check out our What is MindGenius video to discover more.


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