Do it! The MindGenius Way


We each contain our very own knowledge, experience and creativity. We use these attributes to tackle tasks, solve problems, make decisions, set objectives and create plans in our day-to-day roles.

We call this “The Information Journey” – the process of applying our individual or collective knowledge, experience and creativity to a challenge in order to take us from where we are now to where we need to be – all in the most productive and efficient manner possible.

A simpler way of describing this is “from thinking to doing”.

Let’s take a look at some of the key components of this journey and how each step enables us to not only apply our knowledge, experience and creativity but also, take a look at how they each encourage and boost productivity and efficiency in the process.

Stage 1 – Capture 

You’re faced with a task. How are you going to tackle it?

Capturing all knowledge, ideas and information in the form of brainstorming is the ideal place to start. By doing so, you’ll enhance your thinking process and ensure the initial capturing stage is engaging, interactive and creative. The visual representation of all information allows all involved to understand any complex topics and provides overall transparency.

Okay so now you’ve captured the information. What’s next?

Stage 2 – Analyse 

All that useful information you’ve captured must now be analysed in order for the data to be fruitful.

At this stage we’re looking to make sense of the information, relationships, common themes, and priorities through to decisions and outcomes. By sorting, grouping and filtering your information, you will be able to create structures and relationships, providing a solid platform for prioritisation and informed decision making.

Stage 3 – Decide

This stage is where we should now be in a position of knowing the facts, the data, the pros and cons, and details surrounding the task.

By now you should be working in a more naturally and seamless manner from the last stage as you can start to see it all come together.

This is where you use the information, knowledge and data to arrive at well-informed, fact-based priorities and decisions. You have a strong platform and solid base from which to move to the practicalities of your strategy, your plan of attack, and your way forward.

The way in which you apply MindGenius has kept the whole exercise together and provided the clarity and focus for decision-making, whilst retaining visibility and the necessary momentum throughout the whole process.

Stage 4 – Act 

You’ve now reached the final, and perhaps most important stage; act!

Now, everything should be lining up to move us to the critical output stage. All that knowledge, ideas and information is going to be effectively utilised.

Whatever it is you set out to plan and execute is now ready to be actioned, whether that was a set of actions from a meeting, a plan, a written report or a project plan, you are now ready to “Go Do!”


About Author

Colin Cooper is the CEO of Boost Your Business, the leader in marketing and business development for both large and small scale businesses. As one of the most innovative marketing specialists for over a decade, Colin and his team of business and online experts collate their years of know-how and experiences with the Boost Your Business: Body Armour for Business, an online magazine created to provide a holistic resource avenue for everything business, health, and wellness.