Can Amobee Cross Channel Video Ads Boost Reach of TV Campaigns? Company Commissions Nielsen to Find Out


Can Amobee Cross Channel Video Ads Boost Reach of TV Campaigns Company Commissions Nielsen to Find OutGlobal marketing tech company Amobee thinks its cross channel video ad offerings could be a boon for advertisers’ TV-only campaigns.

But it wanted to find out for certain. That’s why Amobee commissioned Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and insights into what consumers watch and buy, to conduct a cross channel reach study.

“The study looked at 14 television advertisers to determine if shifting part of the TV campaigns inventory to Amobee’s digital video inventory, which stretches across mobile, tablet, desktop and social media, can build incremental reach for brand advertisers,” a statement provided to MMW reads.

It was reportedly a first for Nielsen to analyze TV, desktop, mobile, and social as independent inputs in a campaign allocation simulation.

“The study signifies an important move towards cross screen solutions in the advertising and entertainment industries and demonstrates how TV, desktop, mobile and social advertising work together in a modern media model to efficiently reach audiences cross device with frequency control,” explains the company’s press release.

Some insights are quite revealing.

Amobee was able to glean that for large campaigns like those measured in the analysis ($ 5MM or larger, as measured by Nielsen Ad Intel), there may be an opportunity to decrease the overall campaign cost per reach point.

“The average decrease in the study was 5.5 percent and in one case Amobee generated efficiencies of 9.3 percent given Amobee’s current rates,” according to the statement.

When it came to reaching viewers unexposed to TV, analysis of all 14 simulated campaigns showed the average percent increase in overall reach was 4.0 percent. In one campaign, Amobee saw a 10.3 percent overall increase in reach.

“Our goal with the study was to examine how it is possible to reach an engaged mobile and desktop audience at scale to fill in the gap from TV,” said Bryan Everett, SVP of Business Development and Publisher Solutions for Amobee. “When marketers invest in digital they reach cord-cutters, a growing audience, and extend their reach across multiple screens.”

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