Buy Buttons on Social Networks? Facebook Users Give It a Thumbs Down


Buy Buttons on Social Networks Facebook Users Give It a Thumbs DownOf all the social media platforms out there, Facebook ranks first in this: a lack of interest in site buy buttons.

“Social networks have been experimenting with — and even fully implementing — buy buttons into their platforms for a while,” reports eMarketer. “And though social media users are turning to platforms like Instagram and Pinterest to research brands and products, they are not that interested in actually using the buy buttons there.”

Facebook (only 9 percent of users interested in buy buttons) wasn’t the only site on which users would prefer not to deal with buy buttons. When GlobalWebIndex polled social media users in November, 2015, only 17 percent of Tumblr fans said they were interest in Tumblr’s buy buttons — and that was the most positive percentage reported.

That’s because even fewer said they were interested in Instagram’s (14 percent), Pinterest’s (13 percent) or Twitter’s (12 percent) buy buttons.

Retailers, of course, have been interested in pursuing such a strategy in a bid to increase revenues on popular social sites.

“A July 2015 study by Boston Retail Partners found that by the end of 2016, retailers expect to see a 34 percent increase in revenues from social media, which includes buy buttons,” according to eMarketer. “But again, there’s a ways to go. Some 28 percent of respondents said they expect no change.”

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