Changes for Digital Marketing: Signal Report Makes Predictions for 2016


Changes for Digital Marketing Signal Report Makes Predictions for 2016“In 2016, advertisers will look for improved people-based advertising options to reach addressable audiences. Key requirements of these solutions will include the ability to target real people outside of walled gardens for better data transparency, and to act on real-time intent data.”

That forecast is one of many findings in a new report from Signal, “How Digital Marketing Will Change in 2016.”

Signal is a global leader in real-time, people-based marketing, according to a report summary shared with MMW. The company developed its report based on interviews with the firm’s in-house panel of digital experts and thought leaders.

“Technology continues to advance, and consumers are more connected and empowered than ever before, but marketers and advertisers are increasingly trying to refocus on what counts: people,” said Mike Sands, who serves as CEO of Signal. “They’ve realized that marketing technology is moving beyond cookies and browsers, and that with a people-based approach, they can tap into goldmines of customer data and target valuable, customized audiences.”

The report suggests that brand marketers are now motivated to take control of customer data — and will be able to do so as a result of advances in cooperative identity technology.

“While marketers are awash in toolsets and platforms, finding and knowing their true customer is more challenging than it’s ever been,” said Marc Kiven, founder and CRO at Signal. “In 2016, we expect to see marketers apply a real-time, people-based approach across the entire customer journey to create and retain control of cross-channel customer identities. Those profiles combined with live intent data will power more relevant messages and seamless, personalized experiences.”

Another prediction?

“Advertisers will seek more efficiency through more precise targeting,” notes the summary. “As marketers squeeze the last drop of workflow efficiency out of programmatic advertising, they’ll look to optimize strategies to improve targeting efficiency in 2016. This means reducing wasted ad spend on reaching unknown audiences, and turning to the power of first-party data to fuel better customer experiences, precision targeting, and ultimately greater ROI.”

Signal does have an insider view. Its technology runs on more than 45,000 digital properties in 158 countries, facilitates billions of data requests monthly, and supports top global brands generating more than $ 1.5 trillion in commerce, including Allstate, Audi, Crate & Barrel, DeVry University, GAP, JetBlue Airways, Macy’s,, Starcom MediaVest Group, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, and many others.

There’s much more to take in. To download Signal’s full report, click here.

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