Big Ideas, Big Data, Big Awards: Adobe Data Science Symposium Set for May 26


Adobe Data Science SymposiumAdobe, a leader in digital marketing innovation, has announced the fourth annual Adobe Digital Marketing Research Awards and third annual Data Science Symposium.

The events are set for May 26 at Adobe’s offices in San Jose.

At the event, professors and students from leading digital marketing universities will gather alongside Adobe leaders to present research and discuss the use of data science in marketing.

Adobe supports academic research related to digital marketing, too, and cultivates external ideation and innovation from academia.

“At Adobe’s Data Science Symposium, professors and students will have the opportunity to learn about and discuss the real-world implementation of data science in Adobe’s Digital Marketing business,” according to event organizers. “Research grants up to $ 50,000 allow academic institutions to advance data science projects around media optimization, digital experience management, content personalization, mobile, analytics, social, and more.”

Since the first awards in 2014, more than 100 proposals from over 30 universities have been submitted, with 18 selected for research grants. Recipients for the 2015 grants included professors from Rutgers University, Northeastern University, UC Berkeley, and University of Pennsylvania.

“We’re seeing talented professors and students making incredible advances in data science, and are thrilled to launch our fourth Digital Marketing Research Awards to help further their research,” said Anil Kamath, fellow and vice president, Adobe Marketing Cloud Technology at Adobe. “Adobe, which is recognized by Gartner and Forrester Research as a leader in the industry, has the most comprehensive set of integrated digital marketing solutions with a wealth of real-time, large-scale data. By exchanging ideas and research, we are jointly pushing the boundaries of how data science is used in digital.”

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