Immersv Launches Mobile Virtual Reality Ad Platform


Mobile-Marketing-Coming-to-Virtual-RealityThis week, Immersv announced the public launch  of its mobile Virtual Reality advertising platform.

The platform, which has been in private beta since last December, was built from the ground up to help consumers discover great VR apps and entertainment while enabling VR developers to drive both distribution and monetization for their content, Immersv says.

In beta testing, the network-wide completion rate for Immersv videos was 79%, with some app trailers experiencing completion rates as high as 88%.

The platform, we’re told, will be on display at next week’s Game Developers Conference.

“Virtual Reality has reached its tipping point, and just about the only thing holding it back is consumers’ ability to find great VR content,” said Mihir Shah, the CEO of Immersv. “Our goal is to build a marketplace to help consumers discover great VR apps and experiences, and to empower all the artists, content producers and game publishers building VR content to turn their hard work and creativity into commercial success.”

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