Opera Mediaworks Publishes New Infographic Highlighting March Mobile Madness


opera-mediaworksWith March Madness 2016 already running wild, the folks at Opera Mediaworks have just shared with MMW their newest infographic: March Mobile Madness.

“Last year, TV viewership of the NCAA college basketball tournament – known commonly as March Madness – was the highest it had been in 22 years, averaging 11.3 million viewers,” a statement emailed to MMW reads. “That’s roughly the equivalent of the combined populations of Chicago and New York!  Additionally, there were 80.7 million live video streams and 17.8 million hours (or about 2.5 months worth) of live video consumption during last year’s tournament.”

Given these record-setting numbers from last year’s tournament and how we witnessed a burst of second-screen usage during recent large sporting events, such as the Super Bowl, Opera Mediaworks wanted to find out how viewers were planning to use their mobile devices during March Madness this year. So, they surveyed 800 mobile users in the U.S. across our mobile ad platform last month.

And what did the research show? Check out the visual below to see for yourself.


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