Mobile Marketing Strategy? What Mobile Marketing Strategy?


Mobile Marketing Here’s What Happened This WeekAccording to a new report from Forrester, mobile marketing strategies are still surprisingly difficult to come by.

“Although marketers know mobile is a strategic imperative, the vast majority still fail to strategically integrate it into their marketing mix,” MediaPost reported Monday, citing Forrester’s findings.

In a head-scratching discovery, just 13% of marketers surveyed say they strategically integrate mobile systematically.

As a result, a paltry 27% of marketers admit that the ROI of their mobile marketing campaigns was profitable.

67% reveal that they “simply cannot measure it.”

“It also comes as no surprise that only 20% of marketers presently have the budget they need for mobile initiatives,” MediaPost notes. “The majority of marketers still have limited full-time resources dedicated to mobile, and only 10% consider their companies to be mobile-savvy organizations.”

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