Exclusive First Look: StreamSpread Aims to Help Connect Websites and Streamers


streamOn Thursday, MMW learned that first of its kind video advertising platform StreamSpread has formally launched, bringing a “new, intuitive way for advertisers and publishers to manage live video content and make meaningful profits online.”

The brainchild of founder and CEO Anton Alexa, StreamSpread aims to bridge the gap between live streaming channels and website owners to provide a more useful and effective advertising experience for online audiences.

“By simplifying the connection between websites and live streaming channel owners, our platform attracts a greater audience to boost the reach of live video streaming,” says Alexa. “StreamSpread helps popular streamers and broadcasters grow their target audience, while also providing a boost for newer broadcasters, saving them time and increasing their popularity more quickly.”

The platform is easy to use for streamers and website owners alike. The former use drop-down filters to find the websites to stream their advertisements on and receive detailed, real time statistics when streams go live. They can also choose between pay-per-view and pay-per-minute plans. Website owners create viewports on their web pages, providing a more unique advertising experience than traditional banner ads for their audiences. They also receive statistics relaying information on audience engagement and can track earnings via a real time dashboard.

The online advertising market is set to be worth $ 220 billion by 2019, with digital video advertising growing at a rate of 43.5% year on year.

“StreamSpread solves the problems caused by a lack of infrastructure in today’s rapidly growing live video streaming market,” Alexa concludes. “We help streamers attract more viewers in a short time, while publishers and website owners can provide something new and exciting for their readers – it’s a win-win solution.”

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