Experian Marketing Study Shows a Failure to Really Get to Know Customers


exExperian Marketing Services is out with its 2016 Digital Marketer Report, which probes some of the obstacles negatively affecting marketers around the world.

“This year, the top challenge marketers faced also is their top priority: knowing their customers’ needs, wants, and attitudes,” a media release promoting the publication reads. “Thirty-eight percent of marketers cited knowing their customers as their top challenge in 2016, and 52 percent named enhancing their customer knowledge as one of their top three priorities.”

Additionally, we’re told that marketers are also concerned about increasing visibility over competitors as well as “staying ahead of new marketing trends.”

Highlights and key findings from the study will be explored in detail during a live Webinar on April 13. The webinar includes an insider look at how Publishers Clearing House has overcome data and technology challenges to center its marketing programs on the customer. Webinar attendees will receive an exclusive Digital Marketer cheat sheet that highlights the report’s top statistics.

To reserve a spot in the webinar, click here.

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