Veoo Promises ‘Game Changing new Mobile Wallet solution


moneywalletVeoo, a global mobile consultancy and provider of mobile messaging solutions, is launching a “game changer.”

That’s what the firm says of its brand spankin’ new Mobile Wallet solution.

Available as of this writing, the Veoo Mobile Wallet solution harnesses Apple Wallet and Android Pay app functionality, already available to nearly 100% of smartphone users, to “revolutionize the way brands and retailers engage with their mobile customers.”

So how does it work?

Veoo says that its Mobile Wallet solution provides marketers with a new way to create and deliver branded content like offers, coupons and loyalty cards to their customer base, across virtually every online and offline channel.

Simultaneously it leverages native communication functionality within Apple Wallet and Android Pay, the enables marketers to deliver time or location sensitive prompts directly to customers’ mobile devices, similar to push notifications but without the need for consumers to download an app.

“We envisage the Veoo Mobile Wallet solution becoming the platform of choice for the UK’s most recognizable brands to set up, launch and measure mobile wallet programs, as our solution gives marketers a holistic, full suite of mobile wallet capabilities to help them capitalize on mobile’s fastest growing channel,” the company says.

To learn more about Veoo and what they are up to, click here.

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