Digital Marketers, Consumers Pumped for the Prospect of VR


oculisWe already know the digital marketing world is pumped up over the potential of virtual reality ti change the effectiveness of marketing. But it turns out that consumers may actually be just as excited about the ongoing VR revolution.

That’s according to the latest research shared with VRJournal by the Advanced Imaging Society in Hollywood.

Per the findings of a national survey (of 1,000 adults) conducted last month for the Society by Seidmon Associates, New York, 69% of adults between the ages of 18-60 indicated they were “excited about experiencing VR.”

“And this pronounced interest in VR isn’t limited to any one age group,” VRJournal reports. “73% of men, 65% of women and 78% of gamers are looking forward to coming Virtual Reality experiences.”

The impetus for the enthusiasm?

There are several factors that contribute to consumer’s excitement, including an ability to “explore places” they can’t travel to (74%), and an ability to “experience entertainment more deeply” (68%), the study found.

“These interests reinforce both the breadth of consumer appeal and the breadth of benefits associated with VR,” stated Steve Seidmon, whose firm conducted the survey.

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