Google, Merkle Partner for New Customer Match Product


indexMerkle, a top technology-enabled, data-driven performance marketing agency, recently announced that is has partnered with Google on its Customer Match Uploader (CMU) service.

Google, if you’re not familiar, unveiled its premier set of four agency partners for the CMU product at the Google Performance Summit, which took place on May 25.

Merkle’s position at the forefront of Customer Match adoption among clients was a key driver in its selection for the roll-out of the new product. Of the four agency partners selected, Merkle is the only company with full data and agency services offerings, placing the agency in a unique position to help clients with their data and media needs.

The launch of Google’s latest product, Customer Match Uploader, allows Merkle to upload pre-hashed Customer Match first-party data files to a secure, authorized API. Google can then proceed with the standard Customer Match audience creation process and deposit the resulting audience in the brand’s Adwords account.

“With our strong heritage in data, Merkle is the perfect match for partnering with Google for the launch of the Customer Match Uploader,” said Ryan Gibson, head of SEM at Merkle. “This unique product allows us to provide greater value to our clients and allow them to reach their individual audiences securely and seamlessly. We look forward to our continued partnership with Google.”

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